Gail is precise and passionate about flowers and weddings, (especially her own).

She's creative, conscientious, charismatic and a great asset to the business.

Oh yeah and she's married to Mags eldest son.




My love for flowers began as a young child when my Mum encouraged us kids to buy seeds with our pocket money and grow flowers in our little designated patches in the garden.

Soon I was making victorian style posies using flowers from the garden and paper doylies!

My Grandmother had a beautiful garden full of flowers mainly grown lovingly from cuttings, attracting bees and butterflies.

Wherever Mum took us to visit I always returned home with flowers of some sort and often a very embrassed mother!

Trips to the florist's shop always fascinated me, the flowers, the foilage, the scent, I loved it!





Florist's shops fascinated me, the flowers, the foliage, the scent, I loved it!





"Flowers are love's truest language."

Park Benjamin